"I want to write stories that empower kids to know that other people empowered themselves. If I have a mission, that's my mission!" - Doreen Rappaport

  • martin-luther-king-jr

    Martin's Big Words: The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • hellen-keller

    Helen's Big World: The Life of Helen Keller

  • beyond-courage2

    Beyond Courage: The Untold Story of Jewish Resistance During the Holocaust

  • eleanor-roosevelt

    Eleanor, Quiet No More: The Life of Eleanor Roosevelt

  • Jack's Path of Courage

    Jack's Path of Courage: The Life of John F. Kennedy

  • nobody

    Nobody Gonna Turn Me 'Round! Stories and Songs of the Civil Rights Movement

  • lady-liberty

    Lady Liberty: A Biography

  • abe

    Abe's Honest Words: The Life of Abraham Lincoln

  • dirt-skirts3

    Dirt On Our Skirts: The story of the Young Women Who Won the World Championship.

  • john-lennon

    John's Secret Dreams: The Life of John Lennon


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