Martin’s Big Words
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Jack’s Path of Courage

Helen’s Big World

Abe’s Honest Words

John’s Secret Dreams

To Dare Mighty Things

best jacket frederick douglas

Frederick’s Journey



Frederick’s Journey; The Life of Frederick Douglass

best jacket frederick douglas

Illustrated by London Ladd; Disney Jump At The Sun Books, 2015

Frederick Douglass was born into slavery. With enormous determination and courage, he escaped North and became a prominent abolitionist, orator and writer. Frederick’s Journey points the way for everyone: men, women, and children to bear out the true meaning of freedom and democracy.



Brilliantly crafted words, both written and spoken, defined Frederick Douglass’ dedication to the abolition of slavery and achievement of dignity for all peoples. Skillfully weaving together her concise narration with Douglass’ own writings, Rappaport has fashioned an accessible, even riveting biography of the great 19th-century American. Readers will gain an understanding of and empathy for his resolve and drive. Ladd’s powerful and dramatic full-bleed art is richly textured and detailed. Expressive faces, tranquil Maryland scenes, and battlefields fill the pages. The front cover, as in the author’s Martin’s Big Words (2001), which garnered a Caldecott honor for illustrator Bryan Collier, is a striking full-page portrait. At the conclusion, a double-page spread depicts contemporary children gazing at the likeness of Douglass in a museum, helping to make him a real—not just historical—figure. A fittingly inspirational tribute to a most praiseworthy man. (Kirkus Reviews)


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