Visiting Classrooms Around the World via Skype™!

Wow, isn’t the new technology wonderful.  I can visit classrooms around the world – speak with students and answer questions about my books – from my home, local library…wherever.

Last year I spoke by Skype™ with students at the American International School in Buenos Aires.  On October 15, of this year, I spoke with fifth graders in North Harlem Elementary School in Harlem, Georgia.  The students had just finished reading my book, Abe’s Honest Words: The Life of Abraham Lincoln,” and asked all sorts of questions about how I put the book together, found the quotes, and then worked with my editor and illustrator.

What’s next?  I hope lots more conversations with students in America and around the world.

We hope to arrange a National Skype™ Tour for Beyond Courage during April 2013.

The Beyond Courage Skype™ Tour will honor Jewish resisters during the Holocaust featured in my book and Holocaust Remembrance Day [Yom HaShoah] which begins in the evening of Sunday, April 7 and ends in the evening of Monday, April 8, 2013.  

We’ll share more information soon!



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