“On behalf of Sousa, I want to thank  you so much for visiting us and sharing your wisdom, enthusiasm and inspiration!”
Sousa Elementary School

“It was a great privilege to meet you!  The students are still talking about your presentations and your books are flying out of the library!  A great time all around.  Thank you so much!”
Sue Moose, Mechanicville Elementary School, Mechanicville, NY

“I think that you were perfect for our children- able to adapt your approach for each age group very well.”
Michael Croft, Principal, West Cornwall school, Ct.

“We just wanted to thank you again for your wonderful presentation on Tuesday at Hunter Elementary. Countless parents came up to us afterward and told us how fantastic they thought it was — we heard over and over again about what an engaging, charismatic, and knowledgeable speaker you are. And many remarked on how fascinating it was to hear you describe your writing process. We all look forward to poring over your books.“
Amy Rosenberg, Jessica Murphy, Karen Kay

“Thank you again for a fabulous program – your talk was captivating! Holding the attention of teenagers is always a challenge but yet you made it look effortless and it is no doubt because you are a gifted of storyteller.”
Temple Sinai of Roslyn

“Fifth graders had the opportunity to Skype with author Doreen Rappaport to discuss her book, Beyond Courage, and to also talk with her about the Holocaust. We had a great conversation with her and she gave us some insight into her research and her experiences with some of the people she interviewed. My students were amazed to hear that this book took her years to research and write. It was a great experience to be able to bring an expert like Ms. Rappaport into our library to enhance what our students are learning.”
Kathy Schmidt, Media Specialist,
Rock Springs Elementary School, Lawrenceville, GA

“On behalf of Denton’s students, parents and faculty, I want to thank you again for an amazing visit!”
Joanne Koukoulas, School Library Media Specialist
Denton Avenue Elementary School, New Hyde Park, New York

“I am thrilled to take this opportunity tot t hank you again, for your deeply inspiring and spellbinding presentation with Grades 4 and Grades 7. . . . you captivated your audience of students and teachers with background stories about so many of your acclaimed books. . . . I summarized the overall subject of your books as a focus on “Heroes” in history. Thank you so much for your own heroic efforts accomplished in your memorable books.”
Etta Presser-Anton, Yeshiva of Central Queens.

“Thank you, again, for your wonderful presentations!  I know your words will live in our students’ minds long after they’ve left Lakeville!”
Cindy Manzi, Librarian, Lakeville Elementary School, Great Neck, NY

“Doreen’s ability to engage each audience from Kindergarten through eighth grade was extraordinary.  Her presentations not only held student interest, but also provoke many good questions.  As a librarian and former social studies teacher, I was impressed with the respect Doreen has for young readers, and the extent of research and attention to historical detail and accuracy that go into each of her books. ”
Margi Johnstone, Librarian, St. Agnes School, Louisville, KY

“This past school year is the third year Doreen Rappaport was involved in the Behind the Book Program…Doreen is a dynamic presenter. Her explanation of her historical research, writing process and her own “writing problems” encouraged the students to overcome their own fear of writing and not be satisfied with a first draft. After exploring her biographies, the students wrote their own biographies. In a second session, she critiqued each one on the spot, giving both praise for their first efforts and suggestions to strengthen their work. I highly recommend this author to motivate and inspire children.”
Jo Umans, Executive Director, Behind the Book, New York, NY

“We received a grant from First Book which allowed us to present 120 copies of Abe’s Honest Words to every fifth grader. Doreen did two SKYPE visits with our fifth graders. She let the students ask her questions, and she made each student feel so special as she communicated with them. She did a great job in encouraging our students to write, revise, write, revise. Our students are still talking about her. Our school does not have the means to bring such a renowned author to us. Being able to SKYPE with this awesome writer in New York was an incredible experience for our school.”
Dealia Yancy, Media Specialist, North Harlem Elementary School, Harlem GA